Dear reader
Once, I read a novel by a Nobel laureate. The protagonist was a poet, and I expected to read poems in the novel. There were titles of poems, but no poems.
Poetry is harmonious and meaningful words and sentences which express feelings, thoughts and imaginings. I write poems in English and Turkish.
As a bilingual poet, I know it is difficult to translate poems from one language to another. I was disappointed that the quality of his writing was not up to my expectation. It made me think how the Nobel laureate would feel if he went to a restaurant and was given the menu but no meal. Somehow, at the same time,
I was inspired by the shortfall, which motivated me to write a novel.
It has become my passion and pleasure to show readers and listeners how a novel should be written when the protagonist is a poet.
I am happy that I have contributed something to the world of literature. Of course, I am very grateful for the inspiration and motivation of the Swedish Academy and the unconditional support of my family, friends, readers and listeners.
I am sure you will remember some characters in the novel and their adventures, affairs, problems and pleasures.
May you be healthy, happy and wealthy!
Yours poetically
G G Gench

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