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My novel "ROMANCE & FINANCE Once Read, Always Remembered" is available as Audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes as Ebook on Amazon, IngramSpark, Google Play and Kobo as Paperback on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IngramSpark and Waterstones. You can get it on

Romance & Finance is the story of Goldash, a pleasant poet and ambidextrous snooker player, who meets his dream lady, Oya, a medical doctor and medical psychic, purely by chance in a bookshop whilst studying in London. Oya and Goldash have a very special, loving relationship. Their extraordinary love affair is ended by tragedy after just twenty-one months, and his life falls apart. After that, when he gives up on everything and lets himself go, Mili, a psychic and doctor of finance, comes into his life. He has a new beginning and works hard to bring rhythm and rhyme to his life to become a prosperous poet. This novel is based on a true story of a man coming to terms with having to rebuild his life from scratch. It shows how he copes with the comedies and tragedies presented to him as he slowly but surely moves onwards and upwards. The story tells of the remarkable people he meets on the long, lonely road to becoming a happy and wealthy man, and how they all help and support him in his endeavour to achieve the goal he has set himself. It tells a very honest story that will touch the hearts of readers and listeners from all walks of life, and will make them both laugh and cry before they reach the end.

Dear reader
Once, I read a novel by a Nobel laureate. The protagonist was apoet, and I expected to read poems in the novel.
There were titles of poems, but no poems. Poetry is harmonious and meaningful words and sentences which express feelings, thoughts and imaginings. I write poems in English and Turkish. As a bilingual poet, I know it is difficult to translate poems from one language to another. I was disappointed that the quality of his writing was not up to my expectation. It made me think how the Nobel laureate would feel if he went to a restaurant and was given the menu but no meal. Somehow, at the same time, I was inspired by the shortfall, which motivated me to write a novel. It has become my passion and pleasure to show readers and listeners how a novel should be written when the protagonist is a poet. I am happy that I have contributed something to the world of literature. Of course, I am very grateful for the inspiration and motivation of the Swedish Academy and the unconditional support of my family, friends, readers and listeners. I am sure you will remember some characters in the novel and their adventures, affairs, problems and pleasures. May you be healthy, happy and wealthy! Yours poetically G G Gench

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