My dear lady,
Let’s play acey-deucey.
It is my favourite game.
Let’s throw our dice and move our pieces.
You try your luck and strategy.
I try my luck and strategy.
You play whatever you like.
I like to play all doubles.
Double six and double one;
Double five and double two;
Double four and double three;
They all represent my initials.
Perhaps you can have a nice crossing.
Perhaps I can have a nice crossing.
You will hold me and push me back.
I will hold you and push you back.
And later we will try to catch each other.
Perhaps I will be a casualty of crossing
More than you will be.
Perhaps you will be a casualty of crossing
More than I will be.
You win and I lose.
I win and you lose.
In the end it makes no difference.
Let’s play another acey-deucey.
It won’t be the same game.
After all
A company of two is bored.
A company of three is bold.
G G Gench
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