I was in Greenwich last weekend,
Hoping to meet one of my friends.
I was let down once again.
Another friend is another time waster.
While I was on my way over to the other side of the river,
Somebody called my name.
She was my English teacher.
What a sweet surprise it was.
After we said hello to each other,
She asked me to take a walk in the park,
To have dinner together
And to have a long conversation
As we did thirteen years ago.
A good student must be a good listener.
So I kept quiet and listened to her.
She told me all about her adventures and affairs.
She used to ride a bicycle.
Recently she bought a Rolls-Royce.
Surely, she must know
How to handle men and money.
After all those years she hadn’t changed.
She had the same young-looking face and figure.
I wondered about it.
She said she had been very passionate for
Life, love and lust.
What a lover of living she was!
I wish she had told me all about it thirteen years ago!
G G Gench
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