On a Thursday evening,
My lady and I were at a Chinese restaurant
Somewhere on Stratford Broadway.
I had stir-fried duck breast
And she had sizzling prawns.
When we have something delicious,
We usually feel adventurous.
So we decided to go to Epping Forest.
During the day, Epping Forest is marvellous,
And at night, it is mysterious.
After fifteen minutes driving in Epping Forest,
We saw a judge
Judging a pair of bubbly breasts.
We saw a GP
Examining a shapely body.
And we saw an MP
Rewarding a street beauty.
Without hesitation,
We started to play our game.
When I was in a position to score,
I saw a shadow at the back of my car.
I said,
“Hey baby!
There is an intruder in our field.”
She said,
“Come on, don’t be silly!
He is not an intruder.
He is a spectator without a ticket.”
While she was still playing with my toy,
The policeman approached
The right front door of the car
And said,
“Hey boy!
You are in Epping Forest.
Don’t stand here like a tree.
Do whatever you want to do.
Feel absolutely free.”
G G Gench
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