It was my daily routine
To take a walk early in the morning
And get a cup of takeaway coffee
From a café near to the train station.
While I was waiting for my coffee,
My eyes measured her hourglass body.
My eyes couldn’t be wrong,
Her stats were 36C 24 36.
She was just the perfect person for any occasion,
And of course, for a steamy session.
The following morning,
She was there at the same time.
I asked her if she would kindly join me for coffee.
She said she was on duty.
I asked her again other mornings
And had the same answer.
Eventually, one morning she joined me for coffee.
I talked with her and soon realised that
The beauty of her brain was better than the beauty of her body.
She skilfully avoided telling me about her duty.
I said,
“Soldiers wear protective clothes
When they are on duty.
They just obey the orders.
They are not choosy.
You don’t wear any protective clothes
When you are on duty.
You are just an open target
For any kind of bullet.”
She smiled and said,
“The way you talk with me,
I understand you are a poet.
At any time, anywhere,
I am ready for your bullet.”
G G Gench
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