Oh, my dearest!
I am lying on my bed
And the strawberry moon shines through my window.
On my right side is my Teddy Tulin.
On my left side is my Bunny Benny.
I am writing down my daily affirmation.
I am doing my midnight meditation.
It is 23.21 our time.
It must be 16.21 your time.
Oh, my dearest!
You must be having an out-of-body experience!
Suddenly, your image appears on my room’s wall.
I can see you are in your golden garden.
I can see your beloved dog Golden Guard.
You are flirting with the sunshine.
I am flirting with the moonshine.
I wonder how you can tell me all the answers
Before I ask you the questions.
You say,
“I want you to play your guitar
As one of the most celebrated guitarists
And write the best love song ever written.
I want you to read the market’s mind
And become one of the most incredible investors.
I want you to write a book about checks and balances
And enlighten the public and politicians.
Elected dictators and unelected dictators,
Any kind of dictatorship is a carbuncle on democracy.
Without the control of the Taxpayers Association,
There wouldn’t be a proper democracy in any country.”
Oh, my dearest!
Even if I were a monumental genius,
I couldn’t fulfil your demands and desires.
I had better forget these delightful dreams
And not think about them.
You say,
“I don’t want you to be a monumental genius.
I don’t want you to be multi-gifted.
I only want you to have the power
And pleasure of an out-of-body experience.”
G G Gench
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