On a Saturday afternoon,
A charming poet visited Hedingham Castle.*
He met a pretty princess there.
He asked her to take his photo.
She took his photo
And he took hers.
Poet and princess then went to
The woodland near the castle.
In the woodland,
Birds were singing merrily
And it was raining gently.
While they were listening to
The symphonies of nature,
Both of them had pleasure.
She asked him to stay overnight.
He did not wish to accept the offer.
She said,
“My charming poet,
In four hours,
You took me to Heaven and Hell.
Please can you tell me
What kind of man you are?”
He said,
“My pretty princess,
Pleasure and pain are luxuries of your poet
Which he can afford.
He has promised his soulmate
And he is a man of his word.”
G G Gench
*Hedingham Castle, the birthplace and childhood home of
Edward de Vere, better known as William Shakespeare, 1550–1604.
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